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GEAR Athens - Lamda Bar

ALW Gear Athens.png

The major event of our Saturday night, GEAR Athens, is due to take place at recently-reopened classic gay venue of Athens, Lamda Bar. We have booked the place in order to revamp it for our event, with our own DJs and bar, for α more inclusive night: leather, rubber, harness, jock, puppies, etc. 

We can only let in people who follow the dress code. What makes this night unique is precisely that it's a fetish night. Individuals dressed only casually will not be let in. If you are unsure if your choice follows the dress code, please contact us for clarification.

The venue has its own dark room apart from the general area for socialising, dancing, etc. There are also lockers and changing area.

Entrance fee is €15. Pay at venue.

The venue operates a strict no-smoking and no-drugs policy. Any person found in breach of such policy will be asked to leave the premises.

We are truly excited and cannot wait to see you in what promises to be a historic night for the Athens gay scene!

* GEAR artwork created by Linus Garsys and used by
permission of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition

** Event sponsored by LA Leather Pride

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