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NEXT: Europride Parade!

Greetings everyone!

The next event in which we will be involved as a group is Europride, this year hosted in Thessaloniki between 21 and 29 June 2024.

We will join the official parade of the event that is scheduled for Saturday 29 June, together with other fellow leathermen from around Europe. We know already for a fact that members of the European Federation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) and the Spanish Leather and Fetish Community (SLFC) will be there with us. The event is co-ordinated by this year's Mister Leather Europe, Tom Keller, in collaboration with Thessaloniki Pride and ourselves. We welcome more leathermen from Europe and beyond to join us in this annual European Pride event.

Obviously, there will be some other events too during the weekend - maybe a social, a clubbing night, a meal, a city tour, a day trip... - we're discussing our options with the other organisers and will update in due time. Or we may decide on more informal events there and then. Details to follow soon.

The more we see of you there, the merrier! If you would like to be there, either as an audience or as part of the parade, it would be very helpful to us if you would like to notify us. We may set up a Facebook event or some other way to register your interest. Or you may just email us. Again, more detail in due time.

We are very excited about this event and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

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