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From ALW to TLW....

Hi guys,

Many thanks to those of you who supported us and/or honoured us with your presence during the first Athens Leather Weekend a few days ago. We do hope you had just as much a great time as we did! We look forward to seeing you and even more people again next year! Dates for the next weekend in Athens in 2024 to be announced soon...

In the meantime, we have already started working on our next leather weekend, the one to run in the country's second largest city, beautiful Thessaloniki. The programme will follow more or less the same template as that of Athens and the one in Thessaloniki last February.

Important reminder: the original dates we had set for this event - 23-25 February - were changed back in July when Darklands announced their own dates for 2024, which were very near these original dates of ours. If you happen to come across any leftover poster or flyer with these old dates, please ignore (and, if you want, destroy) these. The current dates for the second Thessaloniki Leather Event are 9-11 February 2024.

We are currently negotiating with various venues in the city and will be populating the programme of the weekend in due time. We have also started advertising it even more than before - flyers for ALW were also advertising TLW on their back side. So we are already on Scruff, as you can see on the screen shot. If you're on that app, please go there and find our event and add yourselves as 'interested'. Alternatively, we have also created events on Facebook and BLUF. We would be grateful if you would like to either add yourselves to these and/or forward them further to anyone else who you think might be interested.

We haven't even recovered properly from the Athens weekend and we are already excited about Thessaloniki - it really is only three months' ahead! See you there!

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