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Introducing Online Donations

Leathermen of Greece & Cyprus is a community group that does not aim to make any profit from any events organised. We only want to cover our expenses and, in order to do that, we rely, occasionally, on tickets from events we run, but, primarily, on donations from our members and supporters.

It is thanks to the good will of these people that we can pay for

  • our online presence (this website and domain)

  • our Zoom subscription for online meetings (when necessary)

  • promotional material for our group and our events

  • either hard copies (posters, flyers)​

  • or online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

So far, donations were made more informally, in person and usually in cash, but, as the group is continuously expanding, with more members and followers, larger events - and more expenses - it is also time to introduce a system of online donations too.

We are always extremely grateful for every single donation we receive and it is mostly the gesture and good will that counts for us than the amount paid. So, thank you so much to all of you who choose to support this still young but ever growing community!

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